Advent 2023

Advent 2023

Dive deeper into Advent 2023! Scroll to learn more about our Advent Series, check our Christmas Mass times, or explore some seasonal resources.

“We don’t wait aimlessly. We don’t wait blindly. We are not passive, asleep or distracted. We are waiting and watching. We are waiting with intent and attentiveness.”

Fr. Bob Bedard, CC

Christmas is a season of secrets. We buy gifts and hide them away, or wrap them up in gift wrapping. We plan playful surprises for family and friends. And no matter the age, we enjoy the wonderment of children when it comes to waiting and watching for St. Nick.

When God came in history, in the person of Jesus Christ, he came quietly. Most of the world did not even notice. But God revealed this mystery to a very small circle of unlikely people: Mary, Joseph, the Wisemen, the shepherds. God chose to reveal his plan to them quietly, and with great splendor. In the tiny town of Bethlehem, he whispered his love to the world.

That same God has good and beautiful secrets to share with anyone willing to pause and listen for his voice. This Advent, journey with our Advent Reflection Series: Waiting on the Lord. Click on the button below to sign up for brief daily reflections, and join the parish as we learn how to listen for the voice of God and hear what secrets he has for us.

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More Resources

Worship for your prayer times

Prayer Apps

Hallow – Hallow is a beautiful app that helps users develop an active and fruitful prayer life. It offers an incredible amount of resources, including Lectio Divina, daily reflections (ft Jonathon Roumie who plays Jesus in the Chosen), novenas, sacred music, and much more! It also offers its special Advent Pray 25, a prayer challenge where Liam NeesonJonathan Roumie, and an incredible nun will guide you in daily prayer for four weeks of Advent with reflections based on different works of Lewis, including The Four Loves, Mere Christianity, The Great Divorce, and more. And did we mention it’s offered in multiple languages, including Filipino, Spanish, Portuguese, and Polish?

The app requires a subscription, but you can get a month-long free trial to see if it suits you.

Laudate – Laudate is a free app that offers Catholic resources in a variety of languages. Notably, it has the Liturgy of the Hours, the Stations of the Cross, a guide for confession, and daily mass readings. It’s a great app to have on-the-go in your daily life.

Other Resources

The Chosen – The Chosen tv series is an incredible way to experience the Gospels. Currently filming its 4th season, the Chosen follows Jesus and apostles through scripture, bringing them to life in a powerful and engaging way. Each of the episodes are available for free on the Angel Studios app, and the first season is on Netflix.

Ascension Presents – This YouTube channel offers an abundance of high-quality videos on the Catholic faith. If you’ve ever seen a Fr. Mike Schmitz video before, this is where it comes from. If you’re looking for any topic, like how to say I love you to God or why be Catholic and not just Christian, you’re almost guaranteed to find a video addressing it here! It also offers fantastic weekly homilies from Fr. Mike.