Christmas Creche – Journey of Hope to Bethlehem

Christmas Creche – Journey of Hope to Bethlehem

We have set up a Christmas Creche scene in the parish hall. We are calling it our Winter Garden and we’re inviting you to join us in helping it grow this advent. 

It is not much to look at right now, but we hope you will add you own personal touch.  We are inviting you, your family, and your friends to come by the parish hall and leave something that is a visual representation of the hope you hold for this Christmas.  Unlike the Shepherds so many years ago, we know what we are preparing for. What would you prepare for the baby Jesus? Who would you bring to the stable to meet Jesus?  

Here are some ideas that people have submitted:  

  1. An ornament for the tree.
  2. Homemade stars. How many different kinds of stars can your family make?
  3. A photograph of a loved one your recently lost.  
  4. A photograph of a family member you will not able to celebrate with this year.
  5. Other creche or nativity scenes – either homemade or purchased. 
  6. Drawings for your children; or, a drawing of your own ? 
  7. Christmas lights.
  8. Straw for the manger.
  9. A Christmas prayer – one you wrote or a copy of your favourite one. 
  10. A plant or flower. 
  11. Plants in memory of someone. 
  12. A preloved Christmas tree. 
  13. Anything you want to bring!  

If you are not able to commit to sponsoring  a Christmas hamper this year, but you still want to participate in some fashion, bring your non-perishable food items, donation, and gift cards to the Winter Garden. These items will be put towards a Christmas hamper made by our Youth Group. There will be a donation baskets around the creche, and you can leave your food items anywhere in the creche scene. Anything not used in a hamper will be donated to the Gloucester Emergency Food Cupboard to help in their efforts. 

  • Non-Perishable food items. 
  • Toys purchased during the year in anticipation of the Angel Tree
  • Gift Cards for families to purchase Chrismas Gifts for their children ($25 to $30) 

Help us grow our Winter Garden! Be creative!  We’ll provide photograph updates every week so you can see how hope grows this Advent!