Drive-by Confession Experiences

Drive-by Confession Experiences

March 26, 2020

Yesterday we held our first drive-thru Confession at our parish. Here’s a few quotes and videos on the experience from our Pastor, Fr. Rob and a parishioner, Maria:

“It was so good to see you all again, it was so nice to see people smiling and interacting [from a safe distance], despite the oddity of this whole situation.”

Fr. Rob, Annunciation of the Lord Parish (AoLP)

“We’re staying home and we’re self-isolating but we still crave our Lord and Saviour so much in these sacraments that we’re willing to come out in the open and have confession”

Maria, Parishioner at Annunciation of the Lord Parish (AoLP) 


Fr. Rob, Fr. John and the Annunciation Team