Good Friday Service

Good Friday Service

Good Friday is part two of the Triduum, a three-day long celebration and the most sacred part of the liturgical year.

Holy Thursday ends silently and Good Friday begins in that same silence. Continuing last night’s celebration, we remember the day Jesus was crucified and died.

During the service, we venerate the cross. Each person is given a few moments to touch, kiss, or just kneel before the cross. This is a profound moment of reverence and it reminds us that Jesus’ death was a personal act of us. He didn’t just die for the world. He died for you.

We also pray special prayers of intercession. Every Catholic church prays these prayers today and the intentions include the unity of Christians, praying for the Jewish people, for those in public office, those undergoing suffering, and for those who do not believe in God. We are a universal church; together, we bring our prayers to the foot of the cross.

Good Friday is also a day of fasting and abstinence for Catholics. Visit our fasting guidelines page to learn more.