Happy Canada Day

Happy Canada Day

Canada Day Quiz

Welcome to our first-ever quiz about Canada and Catholicism. As we celebrate the birth of our country, it is important for us as Catholics to also celebrate how the Catholic faith and the Catholic faithful have played important roles in the shaping of our nation.

1. Who is the Patron Saint of Canada? 
a) St. Patrick  
b) St. Jean 
c) St. Joseph  
d) St. Christopher 

2. The first missionaries to arrive in Quebec City in 1615 belonged to which order? 
a) The Order of Preachers (The Dominicans) 
b) The Society of Jesus (The Jesuits) 
c) The Sulpician Fathers 
d) The Recollet 

3. The Ursaline Nuns played what important role in the history of Canada? 
a) Established the first Catholic University in Canada 
b) Protected pilgrims travelling to the Holy Land 
c) Served as teachers and nurses 
d) Founded the first convent in Canada. 

4. According to the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops website, there are how many Canadian Saints? 
a) Six 
b) Two 
c) Seven 
d) None 

5. St. Joseph’s Oratory is located in which Canadian city? 
a) Winnipeg 
b) Toronto 
c) Vancouver 
d) Montreal 

6. The first general hospital, bilingual school, orphanage and home for the elderly were established in Bytown (now known as Ottawa) by which religious order? 
a) Congregation de Notre Dame 
b) Sisters of Charity (aka the Grey Nuns of the Cross) 
c) Sisters of St. Joseph d) Queenship of Mary 

Prayer for Canada

Eternal God,  whose reign extends from sea to sea  and whose care endures throughout the ages, hear our prayers for our country:  grant wisdom to those who govern it  and respect for human life and dignity to every citizen,  so that justice may flourish  and all peoples live in unity and peace.  Through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son,  who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit,  one God, for ever and ever. 


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