Homilies (Page 13)

Homilies (Page 13)

Is It Quieter?

Nothing, and no one, can grant eternity except Jesus Christ. Politics, economics, and technological break throughs can’t bring eternity. Our hope is in Christ. Much of the extra stuff has been pushed away this Christmas. It is quieter. Maybe it is quiet enough that we can hear him, remember why we do this, and the significance of Christmas. We need Jesus. It’s a reality.…

How Do I Get Peace?

The peace God wants to give us is his love, his forgiveness, and the reassurance that we are not alone in this world.  During Advent, take time from the things we are used to doing and make time for the Lord. Fast from the things that give you comfort when you are stressed out. This could include: the television, reading, the internet, or just keeping busy. Give that…

Listen. Stay Awake. Be Open

In the past, things have been busy. It is/was so easy to miss the simple joy of the season. What it ultimately comes down to is the interior desire to receive Christ into the world as a child and to receive him at his second coming. It’s quieter now. Maybe it’ll be easier to hear him if we are listening, open, and awake.


Be intentional about looking for and finding your charism! Our relationship with Christ defines us. That is our identity and that is our mission. He shows us our charisms.

Week Away and Wait

Jesus is teaching us three lessons in today’s parable. Be vigilant and prepared for the bridegrooms arrival. We must be ready to go out and meet Jesus when he arrives. We are called to wait for him. There are certain things that we cannot borrow. We cannot borrow another persons faith or their spiritual life. We are each responsible for nurturing our spiritual…

Have You Experienced Pain?

If you thought you had to be perfect you can’t. You can’t do this yourself. We all share in pain. No one has a perfect life. You are called to cooperate with God’s grace. When you experience struggle and pain in your life, please do not go to a rash judgement and assume God is mad at you or punishing you. God never gets tired of your or your prayers or…

A Reminder

God is reminding us how to live our lives. We are called to live in the image and likeness of love. God has created us in his image and likeness and we are called to keep it presentable and clean from all sin. God is giving us the grace to live in the image end likeness of God. God is giving us the grace to live in the image end likeness of God.

How Do I Keep Peace?

How often do we lose track of all that we have, all that we have been given, all the opportunity, all the grace, and all the love? How often do we focus on things that don’t matter? It is so easy to lose our peace. When we are not grateful for what we have been given, we end up losing even the little bit that we thought we had. Life can become bitter or difficult.…