News and Notes – 2020.11.24

News and Notes – 2020.11.24

Advent 2020 

Christ the King Sunday is the last Sunday of the Liturgical year.  A new year, Year B, begins on November 29th.  Since most of 2020 was a year like no other, what is in store for this upcoming new year?  It is safe to say that most people spent a fair amount of time lamenting all the things we could not do in 2020.  We could not visit our friends and families.  We could not go to summer fairs or concerts.  We could not celebrate weddings or funerals in the same way. We aren’t’ going to be able to celebrate Christmas like we did last year.  The list goes on and on!   

Let’s stop thinking about what we can’t do and start celebrating what we can do!  Let’s make this Advent and Christmas season one to remember. 

Christmas Hampers  

Annunciation has been in contact with our local school and has committed to provide 36 Christmas hampers to families to help them celebrate Christmas.  We are inviting parishioners to either individually or with a group of friends to sponsor a family by providing a hamper that will contain everything a family will need for Christmas dinner.  To get more information and to register as a sponsor, please contact the parish office at

Advent Liturgical Calendar   

  • Tuesday:  
    • Morning mass at 9 am 
    •  Adoration at 2 pm 
  • Wednesday: 
    • Morning Mass at 9 am 
  • Thursday: 
    • Morning Mass at 9 am 
    • Reconciliation and adoration at 7 pm 

Visit The Creche As A Family  

Starting November 28th, a Winter Garden will begin to grow in the parish hall.  Designed as a family-friendly opportunity to come and reflect on the meaning of Advent, it is a chance to help prepare your hearts for the coming of Christ.   Kind of like the idea of putting straw in the crèche, you can leave something that represents a prayer or an intention at the crèche scene.  Something homemade, something growing, something that represents what you are going to give to Christ this year.    

A Christmas Like No Other  

While we will not be able to accommodate the traditional crowds on Christmas Eve, we can put Christ back in Christmas!   

There will be the usual masses Christmas Eve at 4 PM, 6 PM, 8 PM and 10 PM, and two masses on Christmas Day, 10 AM and Noon, but it doesn’t end there. Christmas is an octave and every day during the octave is Christmas Day!  At least two masses will be offered every day during the octave.  Choose a mass and make that your Christmas celebration.  Invite your whole family to join in celebrating Christmas. 

Have You Heard the Latest? 

Update From the Ministry for Seniors 

The Ministry for Seniors is continuing the Calls of Care initiative and is reaching out by telephone to seniors (age 55+) in the parish and community. To date we have called over 180 seniors.  The purpose is to ensure our seniors have all the support they need as we move through the pandemic.  

Reminder: On the second Wednesday of every month, there is a noon hour mass for Seniors.  Ensure you register and hope to see you there. The next mass is Wednesday December 9 at noon. 

Saying Goodbye and Welcoming A New Face 

It is with mixed feelings that we say goodbye to Liam Malone, our Parish Manager.  Liam has taken a position with our friends at NET Canada. We thank you for all your years of service, and we wish you the very best. 

There will be a new face in the parish office.  Welcome to Emily Millan who is joining the Annunciation team in the role of Administrative Assistant.   Emily will be in the office Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday mornings from 9:00 AM to Noon and every Sunday morning, so why not drop by and say hello.