News & Notes: 2021.10.13

News & Notes: 2021.10.13

Adult Faith Formation (AFF) 

The Adult Faith Formation team is gearing up to provide you with quality programming that will help you explore the Catholic faith and deepen your spiritual life.  This fall, why not consider one of the following programs: 

The Creed (6-part Film Series by Bishop Barron)  

Offered via Zoom (2 options):  

  • Monday mornings at 10am, October 18th to November 29th
  • Tuesday evenings at 7pm, October 19th to November 30th   

In The Creed, a new film series blending both documentary footage and dynamic talks, Bishop Robert Barron guides viewers into the depths of the Nicene Creed, a fourth-century statement of faith that has profoundly influenced both Eastern and Western spirituality, theology and liturgy 

The Creed will help you discover the great intellectual and spiritual depths of Christian doctrine and reclaim the unity, clarity, and conviction of the Christian faith.   

Recent decades have witnessed a surge of the religiously unaffiliated, especially among young people. Many former believers have simply turned their backs on Christianity and no longer accept its teachings. But what are those teachings? And are they the same as what so many people reject?  

  • Explore the meaning of “belief” and whether it contradicts reason;  
  • the creative love of God the Father; the shocking mystery of his Son’s Incarnation and the great drama of his Crucifixion and Resurrection;  
  • the life-giving power of the Spiritus Sanctus, or “Holy Breath”, shared between them, and;   
  • the mystical reality of the Church, which calls all of humanity out of the world of sin to receive forgiveness and participate in Christ’s divinity – not only in the next world but here and now.  

To register or to get more information, please contact 

Wild Goose (14-part Film Series by Fr Dave Pivonka)  

Offered (2 options):  

  • Wednesday mornings at 10am Oct 27th to Dec 15th & Jan 5th to Feb 9th in the parish hall by the Ministry for Seniors
  • Thursday evenings at 7pm, Oct 21st to Dec 16th & Jan 6th to Feb 3rd via Zoom.

The Wild Goose series is truly a work of the Holy Spirit. “Wild Goose” was a term that the ancient Celts had for the Holy Spirit. It is a 14-part series featuring Fr Dave Pivonka and various interviews. Shot in various locations from Niagara Falls to California desert, The Wild Goose invites viewers to an encounter, or renewed encounter, with the Holy Spirit. 

Ponder the richness and beauty of the Holy Spirit as:  

  • “God’s Love”, and as the “Breath” of God.   
  • Baptism in the Holy Spirit, Fruits & Gifts  
  • Spirit of Our Lady, of the Eucharist, and of the Sacraments  
  • Spirit of Adoption, Spirit of the Desert  
  • Spirit who Convicts, and Spirit of Freedom  

To register or to get more information, please contact 

The Noon Mass on Sundays Returns 

Beginning October 17, Annunciation of the Lord will offer a Mass at Noon.  Pre-registration is required.   

If you would like to volunteer at the registration desk, to serve as an usher or greeter, or to be part of the cleaning team, please contact 

Let’s Celebrate 

On October 18, Fr Dennis celebrates the 35th anniversary of his ordination to the priesthood.  Congratulations!  Please remember Fr Dennis in your prayers on Monday. Let us also give thanks to God for the gift of Fr Dennis to the Church and to our parish family.