In the sacrament of Confirmation, we are sealed by the Holy Spirit. Picture the Apostles receiving the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. They had seen Jesus’ resurrection, and they believed, but they lacked the courage and the strength to bring that Good News to the world; instead, they locked themselves in a room. But when the Holy Spirit came upon them, they were filled with supernatural courage. They burst from the upper room and began to preach, even in languages they did not know. They were transformed!

When you’re confirmed, you might not begin speaking in tongues, or have fire appear over your head, but you will still receive the exact same gifts that the Apostles received at Pentecost. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, you will be given the courage to live your faith and strive for holiness. The Holy Spirit will also give you superntural gifts and graces to help you serve the church and others.

Confirmation is offered to candidates in grade 6 and up. The preparation program runs every second Sunday from January to May: February 5th, March 5th, April 2nd, and May 7th. Each session begins with 11am Sunday mass, followed by a pizza lunch and course content from 12:00 – 1:30pm.

Registration is now closed for 2023.

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