How Do I Get Peace?

How Do I Get Peace?

The peace God wants to give us is his love, his forgiveness, and the reassurance that we are not alone in this world. 

During Advent, take time from the things we are used to doing and make time for the Lord. Fast from the things that give you comfort when you are stressed out. This could include: the television, reading, the internet, or just keeping busy. Give that time to the Lord instead. 

Fasting means to give up a good for a greater good!

Forgive yourself. Be humble and realize that you need help. Don’t get down on yourself for not being perfect, for making mistakes, and for not getting everything done you wanted to get done. Forgive yourself for not being perfect, God certainly does. 

When you are struggling to forgive yourself pray, 

“I forgive myself for not getting everything right. For the sins I’ve done. I forgive myself because Jesus does.”

Make straight the way for the Lord in your lives. Take some prayer time with Jesus. Fast from things that take our eyes off Jesus. Be humble enough to trust God’s love and forgiveness for each of us. By learning to practice these virtues in our lives, we begin to make straight the way for the prince of peace to come into our lives.