Who Should we Imitate?

Who Should we Imitate?

Jesus is the son we should look towards and try to imitate.

How do we do this?

We respond to God’s invitation to repent and learn to follow him and weed out sin in our lives. Humility is essential to us as this virtue counters pride.

We need to take time on a daily basis, to examine ourselves and see where we have cooperated with God’s will and where we have failed. This is called a daily examen.

  1. Find a time of day to do this. Stick to it. The best time is before bed.
  2. Pray for the grace of God and the grace of the Holy Spirit to be with you. Ask him to help you to remember your actions on that day.
  3. Think of the ways you have cooperated with God on that day. Rejoice in those victories and give thanks to God for it.
  4. Think of some of the ways you may have said no to God’s commandments and sinned. Repent and pray for the grace not to do it again. Tell the Lord you will go to confession as soon as possible if it is serious.

Father, we thank you for your generous call inviting us to come to your vineyard. There are times when we have said no. There are times we have said yes and not done anything. We pray for the grace to always repent of our sins and to answer your call to do the work in the vineyard. Help us to root out the sin in our lives. Help us to help others to come and grow in deeper love of you.