Simple Advent – Simple Journey

Simple Advent – Simple Journey

This past Sunday we entered into a new year and a new season. It is a new year because the 1st Sunday of Advent signifies the beginning of a new liturgical year. Happy New Year! 

Long forgotten is ordinary time and those green vestments. Hello, Advent and purple! One journey has ended and another begun. 

Advent is a great penitential season. It is a time of eager anticipation, waiting, awe, and wonder as we contemplate the coming of the Lord. 

This year, we have an opportunity to journey through Advent in a new way. In a sense, we are almost forced into a quiet and simple Advent as we all deal with the restrictions COVID is bringing us. We have a real opportunity to listen, be open, and stay awake in the absence of the regular Christmas insanity that begins right about now. 

If you’re struggling to enter into Advent or haven’t had a chance to find something to help you on your journey to Bethlehem, we have compiled a list below. It is by no means exhaustive, and they are only provided as options. 

Best Advent Ever
Advent Gospel Reflections with Bp. Barron
Abound in Hope – Advent Virtual Mission
The Road to Bethlehem –

We hope this Advent is a time of silent reflection for you and the Lord. May you encounter the Lord and may you draw closer Him.