Survey Results Are In!

Survey Results Are In!

On April 4th, 2020 our communications team sent out a survey to over 600 individual email addresses. Our goal is to keep our parishioners connected and informed with relevant and practical content.  As Annunciation of the Lord Parish continues to grow its digital presence, we wanted to hear from our parishioners.  We would like to thank the 216 people who completed the survey. That represents a respectable 36% response rate!  Here is what you told us.

The first two questions asked how often you would like to hear from Annunciation during and then after Covid-19 restrictions. It is no surprise that 99% of those who responded to the survey would like to hear from the parish at least once per week during this unprecedented time of Covid-19.  The responses ranged from 40% (a few times a week), to 21% (once a week).  After the Covid-19 restrictions are lifted, 56% of respondents indicated they would like to continue receiving communications from the parish once a week, 26% replied a few times a week and 12% replied once a day!

These responses tell us that our parishioners want to stay informed and that receiving information via an email or social media is helpful to you and your family. Question 5 asked how you would like to receive information from the parish.  Over 52% of respondents indicated they would like to continue receiving emails. We were happy to see a healthy representation from the parish website and Facebook page.

Our You Tube channel is used to host short videos and our Sunday Liturgies. Over 80% of respondents to question 4 indicated that they are participating in a virtual mass from Annunciation of the Lord Parish. Did you know that our Easter Sunday mass has received at least 1,088 views? In the past month, we have had 14,500 total views on our You Tube channel!
All these responses tell us that our parishioners want to stay connected and are interested and invested in the parish. One sign that parishioners are concerned about the parish is reflected in the number of enquiries we have received regarding options for financial contributions. We recognize that these may be difficult financial times for some parishioners. Taking care of your family is your first priority and we continue to pray for you and for all parishioners who have been impacted by the recent shutdowns. For those who are able and wish to contribute, we want to thank you for your continued generosity to the parish.
We would like to take this opportunity to share information with you about opportunities to give in addition to traditional Sunday envelopes. Over the last year, it has become possible to donate online, using your computer or mobile device or by using electronic transfers.
Donating Online
Annunciation of the Lord parishioners can now make donations by Visa or MasterCard credit cards or Visa or MasterCard debit cards online using your home computer or any mobile device.
Donation payment options are flexible. You can now easily choose from a number of funds and decide when and at what frequency you would like donations to occur.
At home you can make donations through our parish website

Donate Using Your Mobile Device
If you would like to donate using your mobile device, scan this QR code, and simply follow the instructions on the screen to make your donation.

Annunciation also accepts e-transfers. If you prefer to donate using e-transfer, visit your financial institution’s electronic transfer function and send your donation to  Please remember to specify where you would like to direct your donation (e.g. Sunday offering, youth ministry).

Signing Up for Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD)
To sign up for or transfer you regular Sunday envelope donation to a Pre-Authorized Debit, please email and our Parish Manager, Liam, will help you with the necessary forms.

We hope you find this information useful.

Thank you for your time.

We continue to keep you all in our prayers.

The Communication Team
(Alex, Dawn, Devin, James, Lorie, and Fr. Rob)