We are a growing parish! Our goal is to create an environment that welcome new people and gives them a home. We dream of a passionate missionary church transforming the world, and we work to invite people to know Jesus and empower them to share Jesus.

Sometimes our dreams surpass our budgets; that’s where you come in! Our Wishlist is an online platform where we can post items/resources we’d love for our ministries that don’t currently fit our budgets. Check out our current projects below and click on them to see each wishlist. They change with our needs, and when someone purchases an item from a list, it disappears.

*Please note that these are gifts and do not qualify for tax receipts. Thank you for your generosity!

Mass Books for Kids

Help fill our Mass book station with beautiful and high-quality stories of faith! Mass can be stressful for parents; having books available can help keep their little ones focused. Even better? Faith books help children learn about Jesus at their own level while also helping families to feel at home and loved.

We rotate our collection through the liturgical seasons, so there is always something new for the kids. Given how frequently they’re used, our books get scuffed up and eventually come apart. Help us keep our collection replenished!

Nursery Toys

Did you know we have a Nursing Room? This space is designed for moms with nursing babies, or for parents who need to step out of Mass with a child. We want to fill it with some beautiful toys and books to help parents keep their children occupied!

Toys are great for younger children who can quietly cuddle or play with them in the nursery or the pews. The items on our list are unique faith-focused toys that can bring the faith to life in a unique way. We’ve even seen little kids come up to receive a communion blessing with our nun doll under one arm and the priest doll under the other!